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Inside the Great Outdoors is the best choice for Outdoors talk radio! Whether they're talking about hunting, hiking, birdwatching, fishing, nature or just some good old fashioned appreciation of the outdoors, it's guaranteed to be a great time! Inside the Great Outdoors is hosted every week by the legendary Joe "Kastaway" Kulis and is often joined by Joe "Good News" Keough! Other frequent co-hosts include Dr. Norm, Bob Faber, Carl Bachtel, and many more!

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In studio today was Joe Kulis with Joe Keough, Carl Bachtel, and Dr. Norm for another exciting and informative show! With deer season kicking off, the boys get right into it, even getting a live report from the woods from Chris McKim. Joe Keough hits us with some Good News and some Good Food, while Carl gives out tips on where to start getting Steelheads in the NE Ohio area. They touch on a community event they participated in the day before, Kulis talks about his 50th High School graduation anniversary, and Dr. Norm gives out the helpful hints for taking care of your pets in the outdoors! The boys also discuss the media and a new colored gun ban going around!

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Deer season is one week away and the gang at Inside the Great Outdoors know just how to talk about it! Joe Kulis, Mike Sustin, Dr. Norm, and Jason Samosky are in studio for a deer season preview!

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Joe Kulis, Joe Keough, and Dr. Norm are joined by Jim Peters in studio for another exciting edition of Inside the Great Outdoors! In Hour 1, the gang talks about Hummingbirds and bee stings, with the fan favorite segment "Good Food in the Great Outdoors." In Hour 2, Jim enters the studio in time to talk about biking and staying healthy as we age, not to mention the "Pets in the Outdoors" segment! And in Hour 3, Carl Bachtel and others call in with live fishing reports! Also in Hour 3, the gang takes on multiple callers and goes thru "Tales from the Travels of Joe 'Kastaway' Kulis" and "Good News!" It's another exciting edition of Inside the Great Outdoors that you can't afford to miss! Check them out online at: or on Facebook at "Friends of Inside the Great Outdoors."

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September 9th, 2012 - Joe Kulis, Joe Keough, Carl Bachtel, and Dr. Norm were in studio for a rousing good time as they got started with the tale of the "Bedford Bear" this past week. Not only that, but the gang talked about all the latest community events going on in Michigan and Ohio coming up, along with tips for pets in the outdoors. Of course, Joe Keough gave a "Must Try" recipe and delivered the Good News, and Joe "Kastaway" Kulis regailed us with another Tale from the Trail! Don't forget, you can check out the BRAND NEW !

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Joe Kulis, Joe Keough, Dr. Norm, and Bob Faber are live and loud in this edition of Inside the Great Outdoors! It's a very interesting show as Bob talks about his trip, the gang talks about the start of the new season, and remember dear friend Reno Jay Reda as they talk about the Great Geauga County Fair. Things even get a little whacky with the bumper music... It's another great show in these great outdoors, and you can't afford to miss out! All of your favorite segments with your favorite hosts...It's another edition of Inside the Great Outdoors in the books!

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