Inside the Great Outdoors : Inside the Great Outdoors - July 29th, 2012

Inside the Great Outdoors is the best choice for Outdoors talk radio! Whether they're talking about hunting, hiking, birdwatching, fishing, nature or just some good old fashioned appreciation of the outdoors, it's guaranteed to be a great time! Inside the Great Outdoors is hosted every week by the legendary Joe "Kastaway" Kulis and is often joined by Joe "Good News" Keough! Other frequent co-hosts include Dr. Norm, Bob Faber, Carl Bachtel, and many more!

The Podcasts

Joe Kulis, Joe Keough, Dr. Norm, and Jason Samosky are live in studio on this beautiful July morning for their last two-hour show! The gang talks about a wide variety of topics today, including a very Happy Birthday to one of their own, a special event taking place for our former co-host, and of course, all of the latest in topics in the great outdoors including mosquitos, bats, and prepping for deer season! It's another great day inside the great outdoors so listen in!

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