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Inside the Great Outdoors is the best choice for Outdoors talk radio! Whether they're talking about hunting, hiking, birdwatching, fishing, nature or just some good old fashioned appreciation of the outdoors, it's guaranteed to be a great time! Inside the Great Outdoors is hosted every week by the legendary Joe "Kastaway" Kulis and is often joined by Joe "Good News" Keough! Other frequent co-hosts include Dr. Norm, Bob Faber, Carl Bachtel, and many more!

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Joe Kulis, Carl Bachtel, Dr. Norm, and Jason Samosky are live in studio for this exciting edition of Inside the Great Outdoors! So many topics to talk about, including the dangers of West Nile, recent fishing excursion, and so much more! And of course, all of your favorite segments from Tales from the Travels of Joe Kulis to Outdoors in your Community! And find out what had the gang laughing all day! Check out the latest episode of Inside the Great Outdoors on podcast or listen live, every week on Sundays at 7am EST time on !

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Joe Kulis, Joe Keough, and Dr. Norm are in studio for another fantastic episode of Inside the Great Outdoors! Internationally listened to and a national phenomenon, the show is a wild success in it's three hour format! Today, the gang touches on all topics outdoors, including fishing reports off Lake Erie, the viral disease affecting several hundred dear, and much, much more! All of the usual segments in addition to some new ones are what else you can expect, from Dr. Norm's "Pets in the Outdoors," to "Good News with Joe Keough," and the ever popular "Tales from the Trails and Travels of Joe 'Kastaway' Kulis!"

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Three hours of Inside The Great Outdoors still flies by! This weeks show has Joe Kulis, Joe Keough, Dr. Norm, and Mike Sustin in the broadcast booth! Hour One is dedicated almost exclusively to Mike Sustin to talk about the amazing trip he took as a Teacher Fellow on a National Geographic trip to Antarctica! Hour Two, the gang reveals a new segment about cooking and goes into the news of the week, including events for people to spend time outdoors doing. Hour Three gets exciting with the Good News segment, and the fan favorite "Tales from the Trails," of Joe 'Kastaway' Kulis! Another can't miss show!

Don't forget you can check out the gang on Facebook by searching for "Friends of Inside The Great Outdoors," and joining the group!

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Inside the Great Outdoors is now on for THREE hours! Joe "Kastaway" Kulis, Carl Bachtel, and Dr. Norm were in studio for the inaugeral three hour program to discuss a wide variety of topics from local news, events across Ohio, national epidemics, and all of your favorite segments like "Tales from the Travels of Kastaway Joe Kulis!" So download the show now and subscribe to automatically get the best Outdoors show in the nation!

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